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What our customers say about Computerize Your Assets

You have pretty much thought of everything and it is actually a joy to use. We have discovered taking a complete home inventory is a tedious job but worth the effort and I can't even imagine what it would be like without this program. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Nice and straight forward. I really like the ability to put in info re valuation, assessor, insurance and warranty info. All this makes follow-up much easier. The ability to use videos is really excellent since it makes a running commentary of a place much easier and will be an excellent support document to photos.

James K


I think you have done a marvelous job on this program.  It is thorough and friendly.  My wife and I are old and for a few years have been saying, "We really should have an inventory of our personal effects." But the enormity of the task caused us to put it off.  Until now!  Your program motivated us like nothing else has, including the Florida hurricanes.  I suppose you hear that a lot. You should be very proud.

Have tried CYA and feel it's the best home inventory software of any that I have look at.

William U


Having considered over a dozen programs, I'm looking forward to using the software.

Do you have an "affiliate" program?

My company is opening a new profit center where we offer a "Home Inventory Service" to consumers, businesses, and professional offices. Many of our customers may want to purchase the software we'll be using. Yours.

One of the features I found most attractive was your .pdf and HTML formats. This lets anyone with Acrobat or a browser read the files. Excellent move on your part. That, and the really impressive capacity to load the video files.

None of the programs, including (one of our competitors) matches yours. Besides, lacking a proper input field, they thought it quite strange when I asked if the home owner's personal information (name, address, etc) could somehow be inserted somewhere.

They lost. YOU WON.

Thank you very much for your extremely quick response. It is great to actually see a company provide the service that they claim to provide.

Darrel K

I purchased this product and think itís great.


I want to purchase it as a Christmas gift for 3 people.  I will want to get the CDís so that I can wrap them and give them.  How do I purchase from you and get the CDís and the registrations codes?


I want to purchase 1 standard version and 2 extended versions. 



Maxine C

Thank you for a great, easy to use program.
Glenn Ted B

Just want you to know that my program is working beautifully and I am making progress!


Thank you again, for your prompt response.  You can be sure that if I can encourage anyone to do an inventory, I will tell them this is the best on the market!

Thank you very much for your personal and helpful support.


I work for a small company and we try to give personalized support to our customers just as you have done. I know how expensive it is to take the time to do what you have done for us, so I really appreciate your care. Thank you very much. I look forward to using your program.

Lynette Gene S

It looks like it is an excellent program.. I tried a couple of entries and love how simple it is to use even loading the pictures. I really like that fact that you can name your own fields.

You have a great product.

I'd just like for you to know that I've looked at about 4 different programs and yours is the most complete and easiest to use of all the ones I've looked at.  I really like where you can have a picture included in with the item data...on the same screen!  I should have done this a long time ago!

Carol Charlie D

I have been using CYA for a few months and just about have most of my possessions catalogued, so thought it was timely to pass on my comments.

I have found the program to be excellent in itís user-friendliness and great features.

I was after something simple to use yet, covered all my requirements and CYA fulfills both without any problems. I especially like the ability to include more than 1 photo with each item.

Thanks for the great inventory program, I have no hesitation in recommending it to my friends.

The install of version 2.5 went perfectly. The update routine appears to work - it ran, generated no error reports, and reported that there were no updates. And, the backup routine worked as well.


Thank you so much for your assistance.


I am in awe of your customer service and support. So many other businesses could learn a lesson from you about what quality customer service means!

Again, thanks!

Darryl Frank
Thank you. It worked. I can now carry on using your great software.


Your support is fantastic.



Every comment you read here has been submitted by "real"customers and users of Computerize Your Assets.

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